Lynsey Cawthra

Lynsey Cawthra is a multi talented instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist, currently teaching guitar/vocal/ukulele and song-writing classes for Musicular.  Lynsey has performed at Bingley Music Live, BBC Introducing Stages at Leeds & Reading and most recently performed at Champions League Anfield and Etihad Stadiums.  Amongst performing and sharing her own musical skills with students she loves to collaborate and song write and has featured several times with her own compositions on BBC Radio.


Musicular is the best music school I have ever seen. I love it so much because it is such an open area, Monique teaches well showing multitudes of progress from lesson to lesson and makes even the most tedious of tasks fun and enjoyable. The prices are affordable and there are lots of easy ways to pay. I dearly recommend


My daughter has been having clarinet lessons for the past 3 years and absolutely loves them. Monique is an inspirational teacher whose passion for music and commitment really shines through everything she does. Her energy and enthusiasm have really motivated my daughter, who is making excellent progress in both her playing of the clarinet and in music theory. Highly recommend! 


I love having Mon as my flute group teacher because not only does she make it fun and an event to look forward to but she also makes you feel so at home as well as giving you incredible experience with exploring music and theory. 


I would definitely recommend Monique as a teacher. Both myself and my children enjoy our piano lessons with her. She is great at supporting us through our grade pieces, helping us breakdown the tricky bits and keeping us going when we feel like giving up. She’s also brilliant at developing improvisation and always has lots of ideas if how to enhance a piece. Her musical knowledge is excellent and she has worked through the musical theory books with us too. She makes it fun and feel achievable. 5 stars.

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