With regards to PayPal

You asked for PayPal to be a payment option. Are you getting a lot of requests for this?

There are quite a lot of things Paypal can’t do in terms of subscriptions. It can’t handle multiple subscriptions, it doesn’t allow for changing the subscription amount, or the date or for subscribers to change their subscription.

I can easily switch it on but it might be best to have a think about whether it will be more trouble than it’s worth if it causes confusion with parents.


I have added a messenger feature which now appears at the bottom right hand corner of the website. Can you check it and let me know it is working?

Questions about group lessons

Why is the keyboards group a different length to the others? Is this correct?

Band skills – is this Musictech?

When is the saxophone group?

There are there pending group lessons that you haven’t given me info for yet – Studioskills, Rockschool and Musictots.

Development posts

I will add questions here for you to answer. You can add job requests here for me. Please try and add all the information you can.

You can answer my questions by using the comment form below each post.

To add a job request simply add a post and give it the Category of Development.