Instrument rental terms and conditions

Musicular instrumental performing arts shall be referred hereinafter as “Musicular” and the customer shall be referred hereinafter as “Renter”.
Renter agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement as described herein:

Minimum instrument rental period is 3 months.

The first month’s rental is due at the beginning of the rental period and must be charged to a valid bank account/debit card. If Renter decides to return the instrument before the initial 3 month rental period expires, the full three months rental fees will be due.

After the initial 3 month period, this will be a monthly Rental Agreement. The Renter may return the instrument to Musicular at any time thereafter.
This agreement will be cancelled provided all fees have been paid up to the date of return. THE INSTRUMENT MUST BE RETURNED TO MUSICULAR ONLY.

Late Charge: If a rental payment is not received within 7 (seven) days after it is due, a £5 penalty will be charged to Renter for all months that this account is overdue. If the Renter is more than 10 (ten) days late, a £2 late fee(s) per day is due.

If the Renter is declared in default of this Agreement as outlined herein, Musicular is authorized to submit a charge for the total sums owed under this Agreement including any remaining balance due to purchase the equipment plus any late fees.

If Musicular takes possession of the equipment, a bill will be submitted to the renter for any past due payments.

Default: Musicular can declare a Renter to be in default if (i) Renter fails to pay a scheduled rental payment and late charge within 25 days after the due date of the scheduled rental payment. (ii) Renter provided inaccurate or misleading information on this agreement (iii) any other circumstance that Musicular feels endangers the safety of the equipment. If Musicular declares a Renter to be in default, the equipment must be returned to Musicular within 24 hours or it will be subject to repossession. If Musicular takes possession of the equipment, it is agreed that this agreement shall terminate and there shall be no further responsibility on either party with the exception that the Renter will be liable for past due payments. Renter will also be responsible for any collection fees associated therewith.

Replacement Coverage (Loss/Damage Waiver): Renter is responsible and liable for the loss or damage of the rented equipment other than ordinary wear and tear. In the event of loss or theft, or damage beyond repair of rented equipment, Renter will be responsible for compensating Musicular in an amount equal to the Retail Purchase Price of the equipment in question, less any applicable rental payments.

Musicular will subsequently provide a replacement instrument of equal quality. Proof of loss and circumstances satisfactory to Musicular will be required. For this coverage, rental account must be current and Renter must notify the police within 24 hours and notify Musicular within 48 hours.

Repair and Maintenance: Musicular will make the appropriate repairs and adjustments to keep the equipment in proper playing condition as long as the account is current. This does not include the restoration of finish, willful damage, careless handling, cleanings or replacement of expendable accessories such as but not limited to strings, rosin, reeds, etc. The Renter is responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the rental equipment.


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Staff information

Musicular staff

Musicular staff are practicing professional musicians and performing artists educators, with years of experience working with children and young people.

Child Safeguarding

Musicular is committed to ensuring a safe environment for children

All Musicular staff have current DBS certification for their suitability to work with children.

Musicular adheres to the Childcare Act 2006 guidelines which ensure the safeguarding and welfare of children.

Public and Professional Liability Insurance

Musicular maintains comprehensive Public and Professional Liability insurance.

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Monique Slattery

Monique has worked in Education for over sixteen years teaching music and performing arts. After studying and graduating from the university of Huddersfield with a BA Hons in Music and Drama she went on to work in education teaching woodwind and also leading school choirs and musical theatre groups.